About Us

Guangdong Light Houseware Co., Ltd. aims to become a leading household merchandise provider. With over 30 years development, we have abundant skills in knowing how to design and manufacture in an inexpensive and efficient method.
We have wide scope of capacity:
Wire steel and sheet metal - bending, welding, laser cutting, roll foaming

▲Zinc alloy - casting

▲Stainless steel - deep drawing, traceless welding

▲Timber - cutting processing

▲Plastic - injection and extrusion

▲Zirconia ceramic- Sintering process

Because of the experienced skills, we provide you the two outstanding advantages:

Drawing creation within 3 days.

Prototype in 10 days average.

3 days
10 days average

Our association of 20 elite manufacturers are dedicating to the houseware industry for more than 20 years, we collaborate to create higher value. Our diligent and devoted workers guarantee each piece of product in good quality, they are our solid and trusted foundation. Based on our strong capacity, what we can deliver are three supreme valued-added service:

Low cost flexible manufacturing facility

Promptness of production and delivery

Reliable and strict Quality Assurance

Our manufacturers conform to the generally accepted standards of BSCI, SEDEX and FSC,  and pass the major retailer audition, such as Wal-Mart and COSTCO. OEM and ODM is welcomed.

For the volume orders, it takes 45 days to complete after sample approval, we can also satisfy you with small scale orders.

Our location is in the pearl river delta, so we approach to all southern China ports, it is available to ship from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong Fuzhou and Ningbo. If you look for a faster transportation, the railway is a good alternative from eastern China to center of Europe in just 15 days, connecting the ports of the one belt one road countries.

With the hardworking and well training crew, your design ideas are fully understood. we bring you in cost saving and high efficient manufacturing.

With joint efforts of both parties, we thrive to support you to succeed in offering your consumers with the trendy and high valued commodities and satisfaction.