AEO Senior Certification Enterprise



    AEO is Authorized Economic Operator for short. According to the international rules, the customs certifies and recognizes the enterprises with good credit status, law-abiding degree and safety management, and gives preferential and convenient customs clearance to the enterprises that pass the certification. AEO Senior Certification Enterprise is the highest level of Customs credit management, enterprises can have the lowest inspection rate, exemption of guarantee, reduction of inspection frequency, establishment of coordinator, priority in customs clearance. At the same time, we can also have the customs clearance convenience given by 42 countries and regions of 15 economies that have achieved AEO mutual recognition with China, what’s more, the number of mutual recognition is increasing.

    In APR of 2021, Guangzhou Yuexiu customs AEO review expert group conducted a customs senior Certification Review on our company, mainly conducting a detailed review on the system data of the company’s internal control, financial status, compliance with laws and regulations, trade security and other four areas, involving the company’s import and export storage and transportation, human resources, finance, information system, supply chain system, quality department security and other departments.

Through the way of inquiry on the spot, the above relevant departments’ work was specifically verified, and on-site investigation was carried out. After a strict review, Yuexiu customs fully affirmed and highly praised our work, believing that our company has truly implemented the AEO certification standards into the actual work; At the same time, encourage our company can further realize the overall improvement and continuously enhance the comprehensive competitive advantage of the enterprise. The review expert group announced on the spot that our company has passed the AEO customs senior certification.

Becoming a AEO Senior Certification Enterprise, means we can have the benefit given by customs, including:

·Less clearance time of import and export  and the inspection rate is lower;

·Priority in handling pre-applying;

·Less opening carton and inspection time;

·Shorten the time for booking customs clearance application;

·Less charge of customs clearance costs, etc.


     At the same time for the importer, when importing goods to AEO mutual recognition countries (regions), they can have all the customs clearance facilities provided by AEO mutual recognition countries and regions with China. For example, importing to South Korea, the average inspection rate of AEO enterprises is reduced by 70%, and the clearance time is shortened by 50%. Importing to EU, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and other AEO mutual recognition countries (regions), the inspection rate is reduced by 60-80%, and the clearance time and cost are reduced by more than 50%.

    It’s important in reducing logistics costs and further improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Post time: Aug-04-2021