How to Install a Hanging Wine Rack?

Many wines store well at room temperature, which is no consolation if you’re short on counter or storage space. Turn your vino collection into a work of art and free up your counters by installing a hanging wine rack. Whether you choose a simple wall model that holds two or three bottles or a larger ceiling mounted piece, correct installation ensures the rack is secure and doesn’t permanently damage the walls.



Measure the distance between the hanging hardware on the wine rack using a measuring tape.



Locate the stud in the wall or joist in the ceiling where you plan to mount the wine rack. Use a stud finder or tap the wall lightly with a hammer. A solid thud indicates a stud, while a hollow sound means no stud is present.



Transfer the wine rack hanging hardware measurement to the wall or ceiling with a pencil. When possible, all bolts used to mount the wine rack should be in a stud. If the rack is mounted by a single bolt, locate it on top a stud. If the rack has multiple bolts, place at least one of these on the stud. Ceiling racks should only be mounted in a joist.



Drill a pilot hole through the drywall and into the stud at the marked location. Use a drill bit one size smaller than the mounting screws.


Drill a hole slightly larger than a toggle bolt for any mounting screws that won’t be located in the stud. Toggle bolts have a metal sheath that opens like wings. These wings anchor the screw when no stud is present and can support loads of 25 pounds or more without damaging the wall.



Bolt the wine rack into the wall, beginning with the stud holes. Use wood screws for stud installation. Insert toggle bolts through the wine rack mounting holes for nonstud installation. Insert the toggle into the prepared hole and tighten it until the wings pop open and secure the rack flush to the wall. For ceiling racks, screw eyehooks into the pilot holes then hang the rack from the hooks.


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hanging cork storage wine holder


Post time: Jul-29-2020