Vertical Steel Wire Paper Towel Holder

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Item Number: 1032279
Product Dimension: 16CM X16CM X32.5CM
Color: Powder coating pearl white.
Material: Steel wire.
MOQ: 1000PCS.

Product Features:
1. FREE STANDING PAPER TOWEL HOLDER. Keep paper towels within arm’s reach in your kitchen, bathroom, office, laundry room, classroom, and more! Set on your dining table, countertop, or desk for easy access. Freestanding design allows easy transportation.
2. BE DURABLE. Rust-resistant durable wire with a bronze finish for years of quality use.
3. STYLISH COUNTERTOP ACCESSORY. With a minimalist design and contemporary finishes, this paper towel holder will look beautiful in any kitchen. The compact holder will take up little space on your countertop or dining table, leaving more space for food, décor, or storage items. The sleek sturdy steel looks modern while boasting old-fashioned durability. The circular base does not lean or tip, making it easy to tear off a paper towel when you need it
4. SIMPLE REFILLING. To replenish your paper towels, simply slide the empty roll off the center rod and slide the replacement roll in place. No knobs or arms to adjust. Fits both standard and jumbo-sized paper towel rolls of any brand
5. EASY CARRYING. Looped center rod doubles as an easy carrying handle. Simply grab the holder by the top loop to transport the holder to any countertop, table, or room. The design is lightweight for easy transportation from room to room

Q: does this fall over when pulling off a towel?
A: No it doesn’t fall over. But it slides as you try and pull a towel off. Annoying. Needs to be heavier. 

Q: Is it solid copper metal?
A: the paper towel holder is not solid copper metal. The metal is steel and the then powder coating in white color.


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