Stainless Steel Turkish Warmer With Cover

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This Stainless Steel Turkish Warmer With Cover is one of the key parts of the encounter between the soul of milk and coffee. We have three different sizes available in the range, 12 and 16 and 24 and 30 ounce , or we could combine them into a set packed in colour box.

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Item Model No. 9013PH1
Product Dimension 7oz (210ml), 13oz (390ml), 24oz (720ml)
Material Stainless Steel 18/8 Or 202, Bakelite Curve Handle
Sample Lead Time 5 Days
Delivery Date 60days

Product Features

1. It is excellent for preparation of stovetop Turkish-style coffee, melting butter, warming milk, chocolate or other liquids. Or you could heat up sauces, soup or water.

2. There are covers for you to choose whether needed or not. It is much easier to keep the content warm with the cover, but not for long time since the warmer is single wall.

3. The body outlook is curve and shiny, which is attractive and mild, and enables it warms contents gently to avoid scorching.

4. The high quality stainless steel with anti rust makes the products useful and ensures long time use without oxidization, which is also for easy cleaning and save your time.

5. The handle material is bakelite which is heat resistant, and the shape of it is upward ergonomic curve for easy and comfortable gripping.

6. It is perfect for everyday use, holiday cooking, and entertaining.

7. We have three capacities for customer’s choices, 7oz (210ml), 13oz (390ml), 24oz (720ml), or we could combine them into a set packed in colour box.

8. The shape of the warmer body is curve and arc-shaped, which makes it seem gentle and mild.


How to clean the Turkish warmer:

1. The coffee warmer is easy to clean and store. It is durable for long-term use and looks like new by cleaning carefully.

2. Warm and soapy water is the most efficient way to wash the Turkish warmer.

3. After it is completely cleaned, we suggest you to rinse it in flushing water.

4. At last, dry it with a soft dry dishcloth.



1. It is not suitable to use it on an induction stove.

2. If use hard objective to clean or crash, the surface will be scratched.


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